How Often Should I Water My Plants?


It seems that every time we go out on a job, this question always seems to pop up, and for good reason! No one wants the plants that they have just put in to die. However, the question is a tad bit more complicated than it would seem on the surface. In order to truly figure out how often you should be watering, first ask yourself a series of short questions.

  1. Is it in a pot or is in the ground?
  2. Is it a succulent or drought tolerant plant? (such as a cactus)
  3. Do I have several different types of plants together?

Once you have determined what plant types you have and how many, we can begin the process of watering correctly so as to not drown them.

A good “shoot from the hip” rule is to check the dirt with your finger, usually about an inch down is all you need. If the soil is dry, go ahead and water it. Be aware that potted plants will dry out before plants in a bed.

Another factor to keep in mind is soil direction when it comes to the beds. If a bed is situated on a hill. Then it will dry out a lot faster than a flat bed would because water travels the path of least resistance. So, if you have yet to plant it might not be a terrible Idea to plant your succulents higher than your other types. That being said, gardening is an art not a science. If you pay attention to the plants and watch the leaves and stems, they will tell you what they want. Nothing here is terribly difficult it simply takes a little fore thought. And “plant speak” Happy watering!