What to do With Your Lawn as Summer Turns to Autumn.


In a couple of weeks, fall will officially be upon us. This leaves us with a couple of questions. What should I do with my lawn?  Well, Let’s take a look.

As far as lawns go, winter care is simple. There are a few solid things you can do to ensure healthy growth and lush greenery for the next Spring.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that you’re mowing regularly throughout the fall. Once you get closer to the end of the year make sure you put the blades on your mower to the lowest setting. This way, you’ll have less brown grass causing an eyesore during the winter and, more importantly the winter sun will be able to reach the lowest point or “crown” of the grass. In this way, you will be certain to take full advantage of the short winter days.
  2. Once the weather gets cooler and the grass doesn’t grow as quickly you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity to aerate and fertilize your lawn. Aerating, if you are unfamiliar is the act of punching holes in the ground to allow the fertilizer, water, and air to reach the root system of your lawn during the harsh winter. You can rent a walk behind aerator for a fairly cheap price per day and finish the project in as little as a few hours. Afterwards, make sure to fertilize the grass. While a lawn will almost always benefit from fertilizer the fall is an especially good time. This will give your yard the nutrients it needs to sustain itself through the winter and grow spectacularly through the following spring.
  3. Always make sure to rake the leaves off the lawn as Autumn marches ever forward into Winter. This will allow your grass to receive as much of the aforementioned limited sunshine as it can and row healthy and strong.